Refreshing Culture.

Our Story

In the Beginning

In fall 2017, a group of like-minded people decided to embark on passion-project to fill their weekends and some of their nights. We wanted to preserve and to share marvelous creations of the human spirit with the upcoming generation and, moreover, find an enjoyable and worthwhile way for like-minded friends to share time together.

Over time, we created over 170 videos, with content ranging from recitations of poetry to music education and book and film reviews. In spite of difficulties over the years–responsibilities to families, work, and life in general– our group worked hard to stick together under our common interests. Those who are curious can see our videos here: Ming Arete Youtube Channel


Over the course of the last year, and particularly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come to feel that it is time to recommence our project, this time on a more professional level and with a deeper commitment.

We believe that reliable information about the greatest productions of the human spirit should be available to all, at prices that ordinary people can afford, and stripped of any intrusive social or political agenda. Believing, as we do, that learning is an intrinsically joyful activity and that art and the life of the mind are the true and rightful patrimony of all who feel drawn to them, we hope to expose our users to material the will enrich their lives, not to tell them how those lives should be lived.

Greek Goddess Aretê

Our Name

Listen to the pronunciation:

The name Ming Aretê represents the fusion of two vitally important concepts—one Eastern, the other Western. Together, they symbolize the innate human drive for clarity, understanding, excellence, and virtue.

The Chinese character 明 míng is composed of the characters for the sun (日) and the moon (月). It is associated with light, brightness, and illumination, and is used to form words such as 聪明 cōngmíng (“intelligent”), 明白 míngbai (“to understand:), and 明德 míngdé (“highest virtue”).

In its most basic sense, the Greek word ἀρετή aretê means “goodness” or “excellence.” Another meaning is “moral virtue.” Historically, the notion of aretê was bound up with the idea of the fulfillment of a purpose—for example, the goal of achieving one’s potential as a human being. In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, where the notion of the aretê is central, the question is not simply which actions are morally permissible, but what sort of persons we should aspire to become.

In the spirit of our name, Ming Aretê’s goal is to spread illumination—to bring you content that exemplifies these ideals and that will enrich both your life and the lives of those around you.

Our Mission

We offer high-quality liberal arts lessons and courses with quizzes to help you retain the main points of what you have studied. Designed to provide fresh insight and expand your way of thinking and approaching new material. Our content is intended for:

  • Adults
  • Students
  • Young children – Classic children’s literature (poems, nursery rhymes, fables, fairy tales) and ancillary tools to help parents share the joy of learning and the wonder of discovery with new generations

Free content for life and study:

  • Original and classic drawings, paintings, engravings, and more.
  • Audio and video musical recordings
  • Poetry read-along videos
  • Downloadable PDFs of literary texts, illustrations, and sheet music
  • Portals into the thoughts and experiences of people from different societies and cultures around the world.

A community environment based on learning, knowledge and achievement. People of all ages can meet, engage their intellectual curiosity and love of learning.

  • Digital Timeline of your personal gathering/collection of knowledge.
  • Collect knowledge badges and certificates
  • Share your own art, literature and musical compositions.
  • Share your performances (music drama poetry recitations)
  • Receive commentary and conversation about your artistic creations and performances.
  • Follow and support your favorite contributors.
  • Become a verified Ming Aretê contributor.
"The School of Athens" by Raphael