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Book quizzes

Test your understanding

Our books quizzes ensure that you and your children get the most out of your reading experience.

What are book quizzes?

It takes time and practice for children to become good readers. However, many busy parents simply don’t have the time to personally scrutinize every text that their children are assigned to read at school or elect to read on their own.


Ming Aretê Book Quizzes provides a simple yet effective method for helping parents to check children’s comprehension of the books they have read. Each quiz consists of a set of multiple-choice questions regarding the content of the chapter your child has just completed. If your child earns a high score, you can be confident that he or she has understood–and remembers–the most important elements in the chapter under review. If your child answers a question incorrectly, the quiz results give you the tools necessary to identify the reason for the mistake. The quizzes are short, fun, and challenging. Taking them helps young readers to recognize which details are important and ensures that they remember them. Detailed results are emailed to you upon your child’s completion of each quiz. *


* Users have perpetual access to quizzes they have completed and will receive notification by email when new quizzes are posted.


The Phantom Tollbooth

by Norton Juster
A story of a child that doesn’t see the value of learning receives a magical tollbooth and is transported to a world where he learns values of learning.
Reading Level: Grades 5-10
Lexile Measure: 1000L
Word Count: 42,156
20 Chapter Quizzes: 100 total questions

The Outsiders

by S. E. Hinton
A story of 14-year-old boy and his two older brothers. The boys are orphans and struggle to stick together in their lower-class neighborhood, known as the East Side while dealing with social issues with the rich West Side.
Reading Level: Grades 8-10
Lexile Measure: 750L
Word Count: 48,532
12 Chapter Quizzes: 60 total questions

The Giver

by Lois Lowry
A boy’s special story develops in a utopian world that may not be as perfect as it seems.
Reading Level: Grades 6-8
Lexile Measure: 760L
Word Count: 41,905
23 Chapter Quizzes: 115 total questions

Animal Farm

by George Orwell
A simple and easy to understand allegory for how communism fails when put into practice.
Reading Level: Grade 8
Lexile Measure: 1170L
Word Count: 29,966
10 Chapter Quizzes: 50 total questions