Refreshing Culture.

Animal Farm

George Orwell

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A group of animals take over a farm from humans but end up being exploited by their animal leaders. It can be seen as an allegory for modern attempts at communism.

Level Details

Lexile Measure: 1170L
Reading Level: Grades Grade 8
Word Count: 29966 words
Number of Chapters: 10 Chapters
Number of Questions in Ming Arete Quizzes: 5 Questions

Publishing Details

Year of First Publication: 1945
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Prose Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Political Satire, Novel, Children’s Literature, Allegory


Communism, Animal Farm, George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair, Prose fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Political satire, Novel, Children’s Literature, Allegory

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