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Dear Future Contributor,
Welcome to Ming Arete! Below you will be introduced to the variety of products that we offer to our students.

Table of Contents

Lesson Demo

This video will provide a demonstration of our current format for poetry courses. In this video you will be introduced to:

  • Course Access Page
  • Course Player
  • Video Lessons
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Quiz Results Page
  • Recitation Videos

Book Quizzes

  • Book quizzes help students to enhance understanding of reading material. Book quizzes can be purchased one-by-one for $1 or in our custom-curated bundles for valuable discounts.
  • A book quiz purchase includes one quiz for each chapter of the book, as well as custom email reports following the completion of each quiz.
  • Students who have purchased book quizzes will be given unlimited access to take and retake quizzes at their leisure.
  • Each book quiz will include 5 questions from a random pool of available questions. While a quiz designer might choose to include ten, twenty or even more questions in each individual chapter quiz, the student will be presented with five questions per attempt. This ensures a higher level of value for students who wish to come back to any given chapter quiz for the sake of review.

Quiz Question Types

  • Single Answer: Students can select a single answer
  • Multiple answer: Students can select more than one of the possible answers
  • Sorting: Students must arrange the answers in the correct order. Good for testing order of events in a chapter.
  • Free Answer: Students write their answer into a blank. There may be more than one correct answer accepted.
  • Cloze Answer: A typical fill in-the-blank question.
  • Matrix Sort: Students must match items together.

Both questions and answers can be filled out with either text, or any type of image, video, or audio file.

Wang Wei - Lesson

Seeing off Yuan'er On a Mission to Anxi

This video demonstrates some of the display capabilities we have made use of in poetry lessons. All videos are made with Powerpoint, and a free screen recording program available for download online. This result can be achieved with  just a laptop and a simple microphone setup.

Li Bai - Lesson

Thoughts on a Quiet Night

A full poetry lesson by Michael Pratt.

Each video lesson will be followed by a quiz on the material discussed in the video.

Walt Whitman - Lesson

When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer

A full poetry lesson by Michael Pratt.

Each video lesson will be followed by a quiz on the material discussed in the video.

Course Intro Video

Valentyn Smolianinov - Piano Fingering Theory

Here is a draft of the style of video that we will use as the introduction for our courses. The goal of the introduction video is to explain in a brief manner the overall idea of the course, why it will be important for the students, and a generalization of some of the concepts that the students will be learning.