Refreshing Culture.


Keep up to date with planned future developments for MingAretê

Manage Posts in User Dashboard

There are a multitude of ways that users can interact with each other through our platform. We hope that we can make it as easy as possible for users to edit and review content they’ve posted, whether that content be on their public profiles, comments on posts throughout the website, as well as reviewing the status of their submissions in content categories like poetry read-alongs, translations, and more. All of these posts will be manageable through a user’s personal dashboard, in one easily-accessible location.


User Interests

In an effort to help users find and engage with content that they enjoy, we will allow them to choose subjects which are of interest to them and provide suggested media based on these preferences. Your interests will be accessible through your user dashboard and they can be changed at any time.


User Content Collections

At Ming Aretê we want to make it easy for users to find and organize the content that they find on the platform. One way we plan to make content more accessible is to allow users to create “collections”of their favorite content. It will be easy for registered users to browse through their favorite poems, illustrations, and courses and add them to their custom-curated collections for sharing with friends or just for easy access in the future.


Live Messaging Improvements

Ming Aretê currently enables registered users to communicate with one another on the platform via direct message, and we plan to improve this feature to increase enjoyment and usability for our users. Future updates to this functionality will include live-updating messages. say goodbye to refreshing the page to see new messages!


Coffees for Contributors

We plan to give users the ability to sponsor their favorite contributors on the platform. Whether that contributor be an artist whose work they enjoy, an instructor whose lessons are consistently enjoyable, or a translator who captures the essence of the original work in an inspiring way. Sponsorships will be measured in coffees, but the recipients can use that contribution for tea, if that’s their cup of tea, or whatever else helps them to continue making an effort to provide content for the community. This is one way that we at Ming Aretê hope to assist creators in refreshing culture!