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  • Donna Stella

    November 25, 2023 at 6:34 am

    In the ever-evolving landscape of Path of Exile (PoE), staying ahead of POE currency the curve is crucial, especially when it comes to choosing the right League starter. As players gear up for the upcoming 3.23 patch, it’s essential to reflect on the top performers from the previous league, 3.22. In this article, we’ll delve into the insights shared in a recent video discussing the top five League starters, exploring their strengths, potential vulnerabilities, and what to watch out for in the upcoming patch notes.

    Honorable Mention: Guardian Minions

    Before delving into the top five, an honorable mention goes to Guardian Minions. Despite not being a super popular choice at the beginning of 3.22, the rework of the Guardian class brought unexpected power. The synergy between Radiant Crusade and Unwavering Crusade nodes significantly boosted Guardian Minions, making it a potentially dominant League starter. The strength of Guardian Minions lies in the ability of the Guardian Sentinel minion and the triple auras from Unwavering Crusade, offering immense power for early game and beyond.

    Top Five League Starters from 3.22:

    Lightning Arrow (Dead Eye):

    Lightning Arrow secures the top spot, rising from number four in the previous league. Favored for its exceptional mapping capabilities, this build relies on bows, particularly Trinity bows, and scales with gem levels rather than weapon damage. Lightning Arrow’s speed and efficiency in clearing maps make it a go-to choice for players looking for a fast-paced and dynamic playstyle.

    Potential Nerf: Mana Forge Arrows combined with Life Tap could face adjustments, addressing the powerful synergy that currently exists. The interaction between these two mechanics may see changes to maintain game balance.

    Hex Blast Miner (Saboteur):

    A newcomer to the top five, Hex Blast Miner, primarily played on Saboteur, offers potent screen-clearing abilities. However, the mine playstyle requires careful setup and understanding of various details. While effective in both mapping and bossing, the complexity of the build may pose challenges for newer players.

    Potential Nerf: Direct adjustments to Hex Blast could be on the horizon, as the build relies on specific mechanics, and any significant changes to the skill may impact its viability.

    Bone Shatter (Juggernaut, Slayer):

    Known for its tankiness and burst damage, Bone Shatter takes the third spot. A melee build that excels in both mapping and bossing, it utilizes leap slam to quickly cover the screen. However, being a melee build requires players to be in close proximity to enemies, which may not suit all playstyles.

    Potential Nerf: Direct nerfs to Bone Shatter itself seem unlikely. Any changes might stem from alterations to melee mechanics or the Juggernaut and Slayer ascendancies.

    Righteous Fire:

    Righteous Fire maintains its popularity, securing the fourth position. While not the most popular build in 3.22, it remains a consistent choice for league starters. Fire dot builds, especially those using Righteous Fire, Inquisitor, Jug, and Chieftain ascendancies, continue to offer a reliable and tanky playstyle.

    Potential Nerf: Righteous Fire could face adjustments if there are significant changes to the fire dot mechanics or if GGG deems it necessary for balance reasons.


    Surprisingly making it to the top five, Spark offers efficient screen-clearing capabilities. Popular among Inquisitors and Tricksters, Spark utilizes unique items like Call of the Brotherhood rings and Heat Shiver for added damage conversion. While spark-based builds may prove effective, the reliance on specific uniques might deter some players.

    Potential Nerf: Depending on the popularity and effectiveness of Spark in 3.23, adjustments may be made to specific unique items or the skill itself.

    What to Watch Out for in Patch Notes:

    Dot Mechanics:

    If there’s a significant change to how damage-over-time (DOT) mechanics work in PoE, it could reshape the landscape of top league starters.

    Gem Scaling Changes:

    Adjustments to how certain gems scale damage, especially those that heavily rely on gem levels, might impact the effectiveness of specific builds.

    Heat Shiver:

    The popularity and strength of Heat Shiver in cold builds could prompt a necessary nerf to maintain balance.

    Elemental Bows:

    The dominance of Elemental damage on bows, even if a specific bow build gets nerfed, may lead to the rise of alternative bow-based league starters.

    Buffs to Melee and Spellcasting:

    Path of Exile has historically seen shifts in the meta, and buffs to underplayed ascendancies, melee, and certain spellcasting skills could bring about a refreshing change.

    As the PoE community eagerly awaits the release of patch notes for 3.23, the considerations outlined in this article provide valuable insights into potential league starters. Whether you’re a fan of lightning-fast bow builds, intricate mine playstyles, or robust melee characters, being prepared for possible changes is key to a successful league start. Stay POE orbs for sale tuned for the official patch notes, and may your journey in Wraeclast be filled with excitement and triumph!

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